How to unlock Realme C30s Free

Now you can unlock Realme C30s for free in 5 minutes or less. Our unlock tool works for any carrier, in any country in the world. You don’t need any technical expertise whatsoever making it fast and simple to generate an unlock code for your Realme.

This short guide explains the exact steps to follow to unlock your Realme C30s. It does not matter which carrier your phone is currently locked into. You can easily and quickly generate the code that unlocks it. Once it is unlocked, you can change to an alternative network provider’s SIM card if you want to.

How to unlock Realme C30s Free Our Pro Unlock Tool explained
Pro Unlock Tool is a free online phone unlock service that you can access from your browser. It uses your phone’s unique 15-digit IMEI number to generate your Realme C30s unlock code.

It operates on the exact same principles and techniques that carriers and mobile network providers use. Pro Unlock accesses your carrier’s database to extract your phone’s details and then creates the unlock code for your Realme C30s.

After Pro Unlock has calculated the unlock code, it is stored on our server ready for you to download. It also generates a set of instructions for you, showing the exact steps to follow to unlock your Realme C30s for free.

Because it works through your browser, you don’t need to install an app or download any software. That means there is no risk of voiding your phone’s warranty. Just follow the instructions below and Pro Unlock Tool will soon generate a free unlock code for your phone.

We use the official method to unlock your Realme C30s. It does not depend on a potentially unsafe app or special cables. All you need to tell us is your phone’s IMEI number, which you need to obtain before you use Pro Unlock Tool – and we show you how to get it.

The tool uses the Realme factory database to calculate the Realme C30s unlock code. That contains all relevant data about your phone, such as its ESN (Electronic Serial Number), mobile network provider, its current status and more. The tool first whitelists your phone in the database.

After our tool has enabled you to unlock your Realme C30s free, you will be able to update all apps and the OS itself without experiencing any issues. All of your phone’s apps and features will work exactly as they are supposed to, and just as they did while your device was locked.

Unlock Realme C30s for Free - Any Network Provider

You don’t need any technical know-how whatsoever to use this technique to unlock your Realme C30s. Honestly, anybody can do it. The tool asks you for some information, such as the network provider, country and the 15-digit IMEI code. After that, it takes Pro Unlock Tool just a few minutes to perform its magic to generate the unlock code and create instructions for your phone. Here are the steps involved:
  • 1. Get your phone’s IMEI number and enter it
    The easiest way is to simply dial *#06# as though you were making a phone call. Be sure to write down the code accurately and double-check it. Then enter that code in appropriate field in the Pro Unlock. The tool then connects it to our database.

  • 2. Choose your country and network provider
    Next you need to select your country and the carrier (network provider) to which your phone is currently locked. If you don’t know the country or the carrier, then don’t worry. Just select WORLDWIDE, although it makes our job easier to have these details.

  • 3. Generate your Realme C30s unlock code
    It usually takes maybe 3 minutes for our tool to connect to the Realme database and process your IMEI code, country and carrier information. Then you click on the below button to unlock your Realme C30s – and it’s all totally free of charge.